ॐ Benefits of meditation

30 01 2013

buddha eyesMeditation brings many benefits to our three main systems (body, mind and emotion) and can beneficially help much more in your life than you could imagine. We will not treat on types of meditation, but approach many benefits that the practice of meditation promotes. There is a great diversity of meditative practices but overall they promote the same benefits as all converge towards the same goal: to silence the mind. Even for a few minutes a day, twice sessions (morning and night) doing just 20 minutes per session is already extremely valuable to physical, mind and emotions. Let us briefly list some benefits of meditation practice.



– Mental relaxation

– Physical relaxation

– Hormonal balance

– Balance the autonomic nervous system

– Restructuring of the immune system

– Prevention of heart disease, hypertension and stroke



– Attention and mental focus as active regions in the brain such as the prefrontal cortex (area linked to attention and focus)

– Brain activity linked to memory and decision making

– Cognitive and emotional development

– Body Awareness

– creativity

– productivity

– Brainwaves of alpha and theta frequencies that are related to deep relaxation



– Activation of the sympathetic nervous system, provides for greater blood flow throughout the body, thus promoting one form of dilation of blood vessels reducing hormones causing stress (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol)

– anxiety

– Metabolic activity promoting lower cost of oxygen and reduction of heart rate, ie, the body stores more energy and slows aging

– Reduction and elimination of stress

– High blood pressure

– atherosclerosis

– Constriction of blood vessels

– Thickening of coronary arteries

– The need of using organic antihypertensive drugs

– Myocardial ischemia


Good meditations !!!

By Daniel Nodari (yoga teacher, yoga researcher, musician and historian)





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